Regular News, De-ink Quality (#7 ONP)

Regular News, De-ink Quality (#7 ONP):08

Sorted, fresh newspapers, not sunburned, and other acceptable papers. This grade may contain magazines


Special News, De-ink Quality (#8 ONP):

Sorted, freshnewspapers, not sunburned, and other acceptable papers. This grade is to be relatively free from magazines and contain not more than the normal percentage of rotogravure and colored sections.


Sorted Office Paper (SOP)

Sorted Office Paper (SOP):05

Paper, as typically generated by offices, containing primarily white and colored groundwood-free paper, free of unbleached fiber


Lightly Printed Bleached Board Cuttings

Lightly Printed Bleached Board Cuttings:04

Groundwood-free printed bleached board out-tings


Printed Bleached Board:

Groundwood-free misprint sheets, cartons and cuttings of bleached board


Unprinted Bleached Board:

Groundwood-free unprinted, untreated bleached board cuttings, sheets or rolls


Hard White Shavings (HWS)

Hard White Shavings (HWS):03

Shavings or sheets of unprinted, untreated white groundwood-free paper


Manifold White Ledger (MWL):

Sheets, shavings, and cuttings of industrially-generated printed or unprinted whit egroundwood-free paper